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Content development is a specialized skill, and it's advisable to seek a digital content creation company with years of experience in the field if you want to achieve the most striking visual experience for your brand.

Pixelhunters is a content creation company that blends artistry with scientific know-how and the result is always high-quality content, whether it’s for our clients or ourselves. We work across platforms, with diverse and innovative media, in the fields of game development, 2D/3D animation, and VFX as well as offering full film production and post-production services.   

The best content advertising agency to cater your branded content in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. Thousands of content projects delivered worldwide. 

With registered trademarks in Class 41 and 42 in the USA, Europe, the UK, and the UAE, Pixelhunters proudly serves clients worldwide. Celebrating 15 years in the UAE, we take pride in consistently producing innovative artwork and embracing the ethos that "Nothing is Impossible".

Imagination and Creation. Together.

Your medium can be any, from a new game to exciting 3D animation, but to solidify your project, compelling content creation is a must. That is why Pixelhunters brings you extensive resources to facilitate you with innovative ideas and methods to execute your creative concepts. Considering the fact that content creation is an immensely diverse industry, we cater to various virtual mediums.

Powerful Conceptualization 

Any graphical medium’s success depends on how strong and attention-grabbing the visuals are. From content consultation to presentation, cinematography and execution, each phase needs enormous efforts and devotion to achieve perfection. With over a decade worth of experience, Pixelhunters has created a portfolio that is comprised of films, television ads, games, and animated videos generating powerful content. 

Enhanced Visual Quality and Aesthetic Sense   

The visual quality of any media and virtual projects matters the most. Therefore, to create a unique experience for the viewer, Pixelhunters provides complete assistance to provide premium visual quality and aesthetic beauty in games, films, and 3D and 2D animation projects. 

Explore the Latest Trends in Immersive Content Creation. Anamorphic Content to Mesmerize Your Audience

Understanding the potency of visuals, viewer distances, and harnessing the full potential of anamorphic content demands considerable experience. The pinnacle of expertise is achieved through practice. Pixelhunters, with its extensive experience, has meticulously designed numerous anamorphic experiences tailored for diverse screen sizes, exhibitions, and subjects.

Our Dynamic Services

With the expertise in rendering 3D characters, environment designing, and providing concepts, we can elevate your 2D & 3D animation projects.
Pixelhunters provides complete game development and design services, customized as per your project demand, ensuring high visual and content quality.
We deliver visual effects with amazing quality CG characters, environments, and background replacements, optical and magic effects.
Filming requires planning and resources and Pixelhunters provides a complete range of services for corporate video production in Dubai, including location permits and production crew.
We have expert editors, visual effects artists, animators, color correctors, digital composers to provide you all the in-house post-production services.  

Explore Our Immersive Experiences:

We can set up and deliver experiences with interactive screens to play games or explorable product presentations. We can combine multiple interactive screens at once.
We can make big interactive walls based on direct touch or with objects, for example, balls or other throwable objects.
If you want to "wow" even more, fully immersive rooms might be the right solution for you, with experience that can fully surround the public with stunning visuals and sound. 
The most powerful content that can go OUT of the screen...
Why not have your audience interact in virtual worlds with their digital twins? Explore the impossible!
If you need large holographic projections, try holocubes.  
Bring your products into the future by visualizing them with holograms.
We can implement 3D objects that can trigger content to make your product presentations more interactive and memorable. 

Robots always attract people and are a great choice if you wish for an experience that merges a 3D-printed model with a virtual layer of interactive content. 

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Impactful content consultancy services for impressive visual presentation 
  • Collaborating with various film production companies in Dubai, we excel in submitting timely post and pre-production tasks 
  • Facilitating with diversified solutions to overcome the hurdles in content creation 
  • Expertise in various mediums including animation, game development and film production
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