Defense Industry Projects

Military Simulations, Military Training or Immersive Exhibition Content

The defense industry is highly specialized, and capturing products on film poses significant challenges due to inherent dangers. However, our team of professional 3D animators thrives on overcoming obstacles. We possess the expertise to craft unparalleled photorealistic simulations for your military products. Whether it's developing realistic product scenarios, training materials or producing striking visuals for your exhibition participation, we excel in transforming complex challenges into extraordinary visual solutions. 

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If you are facing challenges with your content creation or product simulations and aspire to enhance your show's immersive experience, feel free to contact us!

Interactive or narrative presentations and videos. 2D/3D animation, anamorphic content creation and more

Pixelhunters excels in converting your product presentations into immersive experiences, ranging from exceptional photorealistic narrative videos to captivating interactions. Our expertise extends to mastering gamification techniques, enhancing learning engagement, and meticulously measuring the outcomes of your training content.

We work with any style (2D/3D) and produce any type of content output (Videos, AR/VR/, Interactive Apps, Anamorphic, Game-based or Gamified).

In-house Motion Capture Facility

Pixelhunters has 2 in-house motion capture systems for capturing realistic human animations, expediting animation production timelines. Combined with the full photorealistic quality of 3D human creations, we will deliver superphotorealistic quality for your defense project.

Creating stunning content with award winning international artists

Pixelhunters is a leading veteran in the content creation with almost 15 years of history in the UAE market, delivering projects internationally. 2D, 3D content creation, anamorphic, metaverse, games, interactive experiences, immersive marketing, knowledge apps - we have delievered over 1500 projects worldwide.

Stand building, Content Creation, Immersive Exhibits 

We offer comprehensive exhibit services, handling everything from setting up the entire exhibit to creating impactful content or integrating immersive technologies to amplify your brand. With over 20 years of experience in the defense industry by the company management, our team is well-equipped to cater to your shows worldwide. Utilizing top-notch screens with the best resolution and quality, along with staying abreast of the latest technological discoveries, we ensure your exhibit stands out. Count on our experienced team of industry professionals to provide support from A to Z.

Explore Our Immersive Experiences for Your Exhibition Needs:

We can set up and deliver experiences with interactive screens to play games or explorable product presentations. We can combine multiple interactive screens at once.
We can make big interactive walls based on direct touch or with objects, for example, balls or other throwable objects.
If you want to "wow" even more, fully immersive rooms might be the right solution for you, with experience that can fully surround the public with stunning visuals and sound. 
The most powerful content that can go OUT of the screen...
Why not have your audience interact in virtual worlds with their digital twins? Explore the impossible!
If you need large holographic projections, try holocubes.  
Bring your products into the future by visualizing them with holograms.
We can implement 3D objects that can trigger content to make your product presentations more interactive and memorable. 

Robots always attract people and are a great choice if you wish for an experience that merges a 3D-printed model with a virtual layer of interactive content. 

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Over 20 years experience in the defense tradeshow industry of the company management
  • Best content creation services, fully in-house development
  • Extensive R&D team to cater innovative new developments and technologies
  • An individualized approach is taken for each project and client
  • Reliability and consistency of quality