Immersive Exhibitions

Brand activations for immersive impact

Combining the latest technology with powerful content crafted by talented professionals who know how to visualize & engage - we create experiences that you will remember. 

The Best Advice on Technology to Empower Your Content

Pixelhunters will be with you at every stage of planning your brand activations, from design to completion, selecting the technology that best suits your goals and audience.

It's not just about using some modern technology that will make your exhibition great. The perfect exhibit happens when the right technology is employed according to the content you have and the experience you want to deliver to your audience.

Onsite installation & support throughout your entire journey - from the planning stage to the final exhibit

We can set up for you the entire exhibit or just the immersive technology. We use the best resolution and quality screens and all the latest technological discoveries. We will support you with an experienced team of industry professionals who will help you from A-Z. 

Creating stunning content with award winning international artists

Pixelhunters is a leading veteran in the content creation with almost 15 years of history in the UAE market, delivering projects internationally. 2D, 3D content creation, anamorphic, metaverse, games, interactive experiences, immersive marketing, knowledge apps - we have delievered over 1500 projects worldwide.

Explore Our Immersive Experiences:

We can set up and deliver experiences with interactive screens to play games or explorable product presentations. We can combine multiple interactive screens at once.
We can make big interactive walls based on direct touch or with objects, for example, balls or other throwable objects.
If you want to "wow" even more, fully immersive rooms might be the right solution for you, with experience that can fully surround the public with stunning visuals and sound. 
The most powerful content that can go OUT of the screen...
Why not have your audience interact in virtual worlds with their digital twins? Explore the impossible!
If you need large holographic projections, try holocubes.  
Bring your products into the future by visualizing them with holograms.
We can implement 3D objects that can trigger content to make your product presentations more interactive and memorable. 

Robots always attract people and are a great choice if you wish for an experience that merges a 3D-printed model with a virtual layer of interactive content. 

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Providing full set-up and support 
  • Best content creation services, fully in-house development
  • Extensive R&D team to cater innovative new developments and technologies.