2D/3D Animation

Unlock Creativity with Futuristic 2D & 3D Animation 

We have a creative and talented team of artists with expertise in 3D & 2D animation production, character design, 3D & 2D character rig, game design, 2D & 3D rendering, concept and graphic design. So, if you are looking for a professional animation customized with your brand or logo, a product or operations simulation; Pixelhunters is the right answer for you!

We provide 2D and 3D animation for film, television, online, mobile and outdoor audiences.

Animation at Its Best 

3D and 2D animation is a highly diversified field requiring various skill expertise and offering incredible outcomes in the form of animated videos for promotion, brand visualization, procedure explanation, architectural animation, 360 Showcase, tutorial videos, e-learning projects, company profile, demonstration for mobile applications and websites, motion graphics and infographics.

Most developed Technologies for Excellent Animation Production

Pixelhunters has the most talented 3D and 2D animation artists among all animation studios in Dubai. These experts have full command over animation production software tools. These tools include 3D/graphic design software tools such as Autodesk Maya, Z brush, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AE, Adobe Photoshop and Ai.

Aesthetic Excellence as per the New Trends of Industry   

Technology upgrades with the speed of light, and so does the trends in animation. Hence Pixelhunters takes pride in their enhanced aesthetic vision providing technical and creative solutions for the 3D and 2D animation challenges.  

2D and 3D Animation Applications

Animation is an essential element for high-end video game production. The detailing such as characters look, the texture, hair, and skin on them, the graphical user interface and the character movement, all depends upon the quality of animation.
Education through animated videos for children boasts young mindsets’ creativity, imagination, and motivation. Animated videos is an incredible medium to enhance the learning of scientific, artistic and practical subject matters.
Corporate sector benefits from animation services to promote their various services, products and brands. Pixelhunters has the capability to animate logo concept, official presentation, Infographics, multimedia.
Animated films have an entire industry, incorporating multiple virtual techniques. Pixelhunters has experts who can work scene by scene, promising detailed working on transitions, characters, voice-over and background music.
The advertising industry has infused the animation realm to create fascinating visuals and concepts. Today, many brands are being promoted with the charm of animated characters and unreal stories and imagination.
Why Choose Pixelhunters?
  • Capable budget and timeline project heads for every project
  • Original and Innovative ideas for unique concepts and execution
  • Latest technology available to create 2D and 3D animated content 
  • Top quality animation with 100% customer satisfaction
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