Dynamic Post-Production Services Under One Roof

Pixelhunters can cover every aspect of your post-production needs - all in-house. We have a team of experienced editors, visual effects artists, animators, color correctors, digital composers for any corporate video production in Dubai or abroad.

Hiring a knowledgeable multi-media partner can make the post-production process much easier for your requirements. Not only can it save your time, but it will also ensure that all the correct steps are taken to produce a top-quality production.

Premium Post-Production Solutions 

Here at Pixelhunters, we have a talented team of post-production specialists who infuse skills with technology, aesthetics with technique, and simple with the spectacular. We guarantee excellent post-production services resulting in a unique storytelling experience with enhanced visuals. 

Experts Handling Your Post-Production 

A big part of any video gets refined in the post-production process. Our experts give meticulous attention to detail to bring out the finest visuals with smooth editing, aesthetic color correction, and powerful animation. 

Latest Technology Solutions 

Empowering Dubai’s film production industry, Pixelhunters facilitate every project with the latest software and digital technology for up-to-the-mark post-production results.

What Do Post-Production Services Involve? 

We carry out the editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert transition effects, work with voice and sound actors, and dubbing, to name a few of the many preproduction tasks.
Visual effects are often an integral element of a video’s impact. Pixelhunters creates incredible illusions and effects on-screen with outstanding VFX transitions.
The perfection of color is essential for aesthetic excellence. Our skilled color graders can do color corrections of any complexity to provide the feel you want.
Promotional videos need a proper layer of animation to create an impact. Experts at Pixelhunters handle 2D & 3D animation, rendering, exporting, transitions, and other features smoothly for quality results.
The quality of the visuals in the video depends on how expertly the digital compositing is done. Get the most talented compositors to get the job done with Pixelhunters!


Why Choose Pix​elhunters?

  • Industry’s experts handling the post-production department to ensure quality
  • Latest and Innovative technical solutions for all post-production challenges
  • Fully functional post-production equipment, devices and s,oftware
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