Knowledge Applications

Perform tasks and make decisions through direction and procedures

Information is the new frontier of global business and at Pixelhunters we are constantly looking for ways to make it accessible and profitable. We study the most optimal uses of Data, Metrology, and AI to enhance communication and are at the forefront of Gamification solutions as well as committed to knowledge transfer through our Training & Education initiatives.

Knowledge Applications at their Best

At Pixelhunters, we develop all kinds of applications. Be it career guidance platforms, hazard perception driving simulators, cognitive skills testing solutions, cybersecurity multiplayers, cybersecurity gamified VR, and AR training or training of engineering processes. We have got you covered.

Our agile knowledge solutions include:

Educational and Training Solutions

At Pixelhunters, we have spent years in education and training solutions development. We completely understand the human psychology, motivation and changing behavior mechanisms and implement them in gamified solutions. We have a number of success stories of such knowledge applications already implemented by recognized UAE locals and federal authorities.

Data and Analytics

Are you looking for a partner who can help you with data analytics and data protection? Pixelhunters is your best choice. We have developed numerous gamified solutions that integrate data collection and metrics, combined with beautifully visualized reports which are understandable and can be further analyzed.

Our Dynamic Services

Understanding human psychology, motivation, and changing behavior mechanisms, we smartly incorporate everything in gamified solutions.
We define the parameters to be measured, establish a reference with which to measure them, and then systematize the entire procedure to fulfill your requirements.
With numerous solutions that integrate data collection and metrics, we combine with visualized reports which are understandable and can be further analyzed.
We develop solutions incorporating AI specifically designed to enhance the achievement of your goals with a mix of automation and person-in-the-loop decision making.
We can turn even boring subjects into exciting exercises and processes to engage your audience on different levels demonstrating practical and profitable results for you.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Offer AI incorporated solutions for better decision-making. 
  • End to end metrology & analytics solutions for enhanced compatibility
  • Develop full educational Platforms (LMS), simulators, classroom-mode multiplayer solutions.
  • Diversified solutions that enhance decision making increase efficiency, and reduces effort.
  • Combine team building with effective learning for better productivity.
  • Professional and efficient assistance with gamification, metrology, and analytics
If you are seeking improved knowledge application methods to make your business accessible and profitable, Pixelhunters is here to help. Get in touch now!

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