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To accurately measure something with which we are unfamiliar we need a well-defined reference for comparison. Once that reference is established and validated we can complete the task with a high level of accuracy. But what if we don't have such a reference and need to measure specific KPI, team efficiency or team knowledge? To whom can you turn?

Proficient Metrology Solutions 

Pixelhunters has an established track record in developing solutions that allow us to define the parameters to be measured, establish a reference with which to measure them, and then standardize the whole method to satisfy your needs with precision.

One-Stop Metrology Solution for Accuracy

At Pixelhunters, we are proficient in using well-established theories to define references and make measurement tools. We have the ability to pull off complex measurement solutions by using the most innovative ideas and advanced technologies. We are experts in making reports, visualizing, and analyzing data.

Ensure Traceability as an Essential Precondition

Metrology is all about measurement, it is typically expected to validate, enforce, and verify predefined standards for accuracy, traceability, precision, and reliability. The ultimate purpose of metrology is to assure traceability as a vital condition for the evaluation of measurement outcomes and Pixelhunters gives you exactly that.

Why Metrology?

Pixelhunters provide high-performance measurement solutions for businesses in diverse industries. We strive to provide unparalleled support and services throughout the manufacturing process.

Understanding the science of measurement, at Pixelhunters, we make sure that we assuredly compare the outcomes of measurements made across the world for improved precision.
Our methodology includes calibration, instrumentation, verification, accuracy and errors, assessment of outcomes, data acquisition, the formation of statistical evaluations, & quality.
At Pixelhunters, we offer an extensive range of high-tech technologies with substantial capacity, customer service dedication, timeliness, and thoroughness. 

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • A variety of inspection reporting customized as per your requirements.
  • Partnering with our customers to provide efficient and fast full-dimensional validation services 
  • Completely traceable certification and calibration service stressing on high-quality, standards requirements, and a prompt turnaround.
  • Partner with customers to create robust metrology solutions that are trustworthy.
  • Providing innovation consulting and exceptional metrology service from concept to production.
We look forward to developing metrology solutions for you. Get in touch now!

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