Pixelhunters Metaverse Platform


Pixelhunters is releasing shortly a new dedicated metaverse platform, Pixelhunters Meta, featuring new immersive worlds bridging the gap between education, entertainment and technology!

Pixelhunters has worked with various clients with different metaverse projects under its belt such as developing metaverse spaces, NFT collections and more. Pixelhunters is also the leading entity in the UAE for the development in metaverse projects, with this Pixelhunters is now taking the next step in the metaverse with its very own platform.

Within Pixelhunters Meta, anything is possible. Pixelhunters Meta will feature an array of exciting and immersive experiences such as virtual events and hangouts, NFT collections and more with the help of blockchain enabled technology. Pixelhunters Meta aims to be the pioneer of edutech by changing the face of learning forever with technology and entertainment. 

Multiplayer Team Training is also coming to Pixelhunters Meta, introducing its wide variety games to the metaverse to enable remote learning and team training and to usher in a new era of edutainment. Multiplayer Team Training and Pixelhunters takes online learning and gamification one step further by creating a fully immersive and memorable experience for all learners!

Pixelhunters Meta is coming soon, stay tuned for more!