Crisis Communications

Overcome Crisis Communications with Pixelhunters 

If your organization comes under attack, your reputation is being undermined, or you have major internal or external issues, one of the most difficult things to manage is public perception. With the explosion of online and social media, your ability to control the narrative in a crisis gets harder and harder. Pixelhunters’ experts offer counsel to help you navigate your way through your perception problems, neutralize negative media and comments, and assist you to create a roadmap back to positive territory, protecting your reputation and brand.

Preparedness - Precautionary Approach for Better Crisis Management 

Pixelhunters believes in containing a crisis even before it surfaces. We can audit your preparedness to make sure you have a robust plan in place before issues arise. We also offer digital and face-to-face training to ensure your preparations are cemented in.

Enabling Smooth External and Internal Communication 

If you are already thrown into a crisis, we have expert counsel to guide your executive and communications team, helping you to manage the consequences and ensure the right messages are being broadcast consistently across all platforms. 

Crisis Communications Features 

To deal with a crisis situation, an organization needs to take control of all its major departments. Pixelhunters provides the following services for efficient crisis control.

Pixelhunters takes full responsibility to develop highly effective response plans that minimize the risks of potential damage in public perception.
We prepare a comprehensive contingency plan to deal with all sorts of damages such as public allegations, media scandals, or internal complications.
To maintain and improve your public image, we release statements and deal with media comments and public responses on behalf of your organization.
It is always better to take precautionary measures than to face a loss and try to overcome it afterward. Pixelhunters performs audits to prepare your company for any crisis situation.
To prepare your employees for a complicated situation, we provide training and development sessions to equip them with enhanced public dealing skills.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Extensive experience in the crisis communications industry 
  • Innovative solutions for developing, maintaining, and improving company perception
  • Providing unique training opportunities for employees
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