Event Support

Proficient Event Support 

How do you break out your brand or attract a larger audience in today’s dynamic and competitive domestic or international events?

Pixelhunters has a well-established history of satisfied customers for whom we have created unique and compelling immersive exhibit experiences.  We can create not only the content and implement novel technologies, but also manage your entire event organization process. Our dedicated team, with over 15 years of experience in the domestic and international field promises you a unique and successful event.

Extensive Event Management Solutions 

Pixelhunters reflects a top-notch approach to event management by offering you a broad range of services under one roof. From creative support to vendor dealings and on-site staff assistance, we provide the most budget-friendly and dynamic features ensuring the unmatchable success of your event.  

One-Stop Solution for Trustworthy Event Support

Pixelhunters is an all-round expert in innovative consultancy and managing every aspect of your event. Our services include securing proper vendors, providing productive project management, and planning an unforgettable program for your guests.

Honoring Professionalism and Commitment above All

For both local and international events, we deal with your exhibitors and sponsors and make sure every commitment gets fulfilled. Pixelhunters make sure that all the crucial exhibitor details, information, and required objects are delivered with professionalism and responsibility. 

Why Event Support?

A business event is key for impactful PR, networking, connections, and expanding your target audience. That is why Pixelhunters empowers you to plan, organize, and execute high profile events. 

To ensure nothing comes in the way of your seamless event operations, Pixelhunters plans and strategizes everything from marketing mediums to hospitality arrangements.
Event organization can be a cumbersome task if not done expertly. Let Pixelhunters handle the vendors and other arrangements so you can focus only on your business.
It’s essential to gauge your audience's response towards your brand. That is why we present a post-event report to our clients so they can identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Keep a proper record to ensure that each task is done as per the event schedule
  • Comprehend incoming responses and provide expert contract negotiation services
  • Draft, confirm, and deliver comprehensive venue allocations
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