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Digital Marketing

Your company's online presence is significant for the development of your business. That's why it's good to present yourself in the best way. Website, social media, leading positions in search engines, all this allows your potential customers to notice you faster. The better presented you are, the easier it will be for people to decide to work with you or buy your products.

Our services:

1. Marketing strategy

Developing a completed marketing strategy will help to define the best online presentation of your company. Our marketing specialists will understand your company's needs, analyze and make a long-term plan for your activities in the various marketing channels.

2. Social media

Your presence on social media is significant for building trust in the brand, engaging your fans and turning them into loyal customers. We will choose the most suitable social media for your business and prepare a posting plan.

3. Create content

Our creative team will prepare content for you in the form of posts, text, pictures, photos, videos and more.

4. Product articles

Our specialists will create articles related to your business, products, benefits, and the opportunities you provide to your customers.

5. PPC advertising

PPC advertising or Pay-per-click advertising is a popular advertising option. You pay on clicks on your ad slot, but not on impression. Our experienced specialists will choose the best parameters for the best results.

6. Advertising on social media

Social media advertising is a complex process in which we can help you. We will prepare an individual advertising plan based on your needs, audience and budget. The right approach in advertising also leads to business results.

 Creating an online reputation in 5 steps:

• Stunning and functional website
• Positive presentation of your company on social media
• Positioning the site in the top results in search engines
• Product articles on websites and blogs
• Advertising and promotion

Why Choose Pixelhunters?


  • Great team of digital marketing specialists
  • Support and consultancy  
  • Deep knowledge of the newest digital marketing trends