Embrace the Transformational Era of Digital Art

The world of digital art has gone through an immense transformation in terms of innovative technology advancement and with every progression, Pixelhunters celebrates the opportunity to bring top-notch illustration and animation services for its clients.

Digital innovation is revolutionizing the knowledge and information economies and Pixelhunters has embraced these changes to develop cutting-edge services. From games designed with state-of-the-art sensors, consoles, and interactive screens, to the magic of motion capture animation and the immersive realities of VR/AR/MR, we are in constant search of exciting solutions that elevate, educate and entertain.   

Digital Technology Solutions at Their Best

Pixelhunters is the holistic hub that will serve a variety of technical needs to push the barriers of creation and imagination. We provide technical support services for all mediums of digital art. Our versatile technology solutions include:

Diverse Digital mediums involving VR/AR/MR

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are rising technologies employing a variation of digital (artificial) immersion. These mediums combine several technologies into one wearable device that allows people to experience the close-to-reality illusion.

Development Assistance for Multiple Devices 

Pixelhunters provides complete development assistance for making AR and VR apps compatible with sensor screens, sensor devices and gaming consoles. From tracking and 3D mapping accuracy and computer vision algorithms, our ecosystem of multiple technology services comprises a powerful virtual interface.

Our Dynamic Services

Incredible development, design and conceptual services for creating digital overlay enveloping immersive experiences via digital devices.
The ultra-advanced technology that reads human movements with high precision to shape better character designs in animated films and games.
Providing complete software and hardware integration services for creating vibrant interactive screens that engage audiences of all sorts.
Development and compatibility assistance to develop a versatile and functional range of sensors in gaming and interactive projects.
Producing the most congenial hardware and software assistance for your video game design, we develop the best gaming consoles for you.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Full-stack technology services to provide robust and effective outcomes
  • End to end design and development assistance for outstanding compatibility
  • Facilitating with diversified solutions for technical and usability challenges
  • Multi-faceted approach with extensive software and hardware development background
  • Professional and efficient assistance with software and electronics prototyping
If you are in search of a particular technology to drive your digital project, Pixelhunters is your best bet. Get in touch now!

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