Immersive Rooms & Experiences

Impress your audience with spectacular content, immersive rooms @ content

Immersive rooms are the best tool if you have a VIP audience or a content that can benefit of almost 360 degrees experience, without the need of VR glasses. They can be build as small as 3x3 size to much larger exhibit spaces.

If you want the "wow" factor, this is your best solution. 

What content is best for immersive rooms?

The best will be content in 3D, that delivers motion and experience that is hard to have in real life. 

Utilizing Latest Technology for Immersive Screens

We can setup for you the entire exhibit or just the immmersive room technology. We use the best resolution and quality screens, with experienced team of industry professionals who will support you from A-Z. 

Creating stunning content with award winning international artists

Pixelhunters is a leading veteran in the content creation with almost 14 years of history in the UAE market, delivering projects internationally. 2D, 3D content creation, metaverse, games, interactive experiences, immersive marketing, knowledge apps - we have delievered over 1500 projects worldwide.

Immersive room experiences

We can set up the control of your interactive room experience via interactive screens. Thus we can handle multiple content exposure with easy navigation and one-click away.
We can make the walls of the immersive room interactive with direct click or triggered by motion sensors. 
We can implement 3D objects that can trigger the content for your immersive room, making the entire experience more interactive. 

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Providing full set-up and support 
  • Best content creation services, fully in-house development
  • Extensive R&D team to cater innovative new developments and technologies.