Interactive Screens

Go Beyond Graphics with Highly Functional Interactive Screens

Interactive displays encourage the audience to participate and to discover new content. Having an inspiring idea and searching for support in its development?

Pixelhunters specializes in creating immersive experiences for all kinds of touch screens. We can also turn any surface into an interactive one, increasing the power of your story. Gaming elements and gamification can also be part of your journey.

The Excellence of Digital Interaction 

Enabling digital interaction unlocks a unique set of possibilities and opportunities. Pixelhunters use the latest and most innovative technologies to deploy, measure, and manage interactive experiences that can take you beyond the traditional static displays, bringing every graphic miracle to life. From new games to the official presentation, make everything dynamic with on physical exhibition displays – infusing the digital and real-world exposure together.

Stunning Level of Interactivity with Expert Configuration 

Make your interactive content highly responsive to elevate your design, giving the audience something to be wonderstruck! Pixelhunters provides customized services for each client to refine interactivity as per requirement through high-end configuration.

High-Profile Deployment and Management  

Content creation is just the first step, dynamic deployment is the baseline for an excellent interactive screen. Choose any device or surface to make it interactive. Deploy your content on any device in the world as Pixelhunters never limits growth and connectivity. 

Compose Powerful triggers and Action Keys  

Elevating game development in Dubai to a completely new level by making compatible interactive screens with sensory triggers and action key that is almost real. We enable you to select triggers and associate them with a series of actions, reflecting the incomparable visual programming capability of Pixelhunters. 

Why Interactive Screens?

Interactive screen technology enables your audience to be more involved in what you are representing. Here is a vast range of applications in which you can incorporate interactive screen technologies.

Gamification applies game-like elements in non-game contexts and encourages innovation and heightens learning processes.
Interactive displays unveil architectural visualization combining location geography, scale mapping, and dimensions.
Digital interactivity is a dynamic tool to bring design and technology together for engaging presentations and corporate briefings.
Interactive displays benefit academic foundations that want to design interactive digital signage, teaching aids, and exhibits.
Design virtual elements and actionable environments for simulating real-world scenarios to provide training excellence in various fields.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Providing satisfying, purposeful, data-driven interactive experiences
  • Incorporating original and latest interactive technologies
  • Delivering and deploying exceptionally interactive Digital Menu Boards
  • Professional and efficient assistance with software and electronics development
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