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With Pixelhunters the Metaverse isn’t in the future, it’s now

Pixelhunters is an award-winning game development, 3D design and animation studio based in the UAE. We are a leading body in the Middle East in the development of the Metaverse, working with organisations to meet their objectives and make their vision a reality in the Metaverse. We also have 2 motion capture systems in-house. 
Pixelhunters works extensively with various organisations and governmental bodies with projects developed for education, training, awareness, and innovative marketing, based on VR/AR/MR and gamification. We have over 13 years of history, more than 1500 projects delivered worldwide, and over 150 international industry awards.

Pixelhunters has developed over 7 hours of VR content, inclusive of 2 VR platforms, and has over 4000 users recorded testing in VR, complemented with reports on multiple parameters, generating analytics on users' performance depending on computer literacy, dizziness, game player skills, gender, age, etc.

Dr Ani Atanasova is the CEO of Pixelhunters has a multi-faceted and multi-national background in science, culture, and management with a PhD in Quantum & Optoelectronics. 
Dr Ani is the leading expert in the UAE on the Metaverse, using her research and expertise to advise organisations on how to go Meta.

Pixelhunters worked on the first Arab Metaverse Concert for Metaboundless, featuring Ragheb Alama, Saad Lamjarred and Michel Fadel: 

Pixelhunters has also its own metaverse edutainment platform called Pixelhunters Metaverse:


What do we create? Pixelhunters is a master of the Metaverse, our projects include work on:

  • NFT Collections
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Metaverse Concerts
  • Metaverse gaming
  • Education and learning, team training, corporate events and more exclusively in the metaverse

Explore the Metaverse with Pixelhunters

Pixelhunters can support you with consultancy or full project development according to your needs and users specifics. 

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