Metaverse & NFTs

Virtual Worlds, Endless Opportunities

With Pixelhunters the Metaverse isn’t in the future, it’s now

Pixelhunters is an award-winning game development, 3D design and animation studio based in the UAE. We are a leading body in the Middle East in the development of the Metaverse, working with organisations to meet their objectives and make their vision a reality in the Metaverse. We also have 2 motion capture systems in-house. 
Pixelhunters works extensively with various organisations and governmental bodies with projects developed for education, training, awareness, and innovative marketing, based on VR/AR/MR and gamification. We have over 13 years of history, more than 1500 projects delivered worldwide, and over 150 international industry awards.

Dr Ani Atanasova is the CEO of Pixelhunters has a multi-faceted and multi-national background in science, culture, and management with a PhD in Quantum & Optoelectronics. 
Dr Ani is the leading expert in the UAE on the Metaverse, using her research and expertise to advise organisations on how to go Meta.


What do we create? Pixelhunters is a master of the Metaverse, our projects include work on:

  • NFT Collections
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Metaverse Concerts
  • Metaverse gaming
  • Education and learning, team training, corporate events and more exclusively in the metaverse