Groundbreaking Sensor Technology for Creating a ‘Real’ Experience

Pixelhunters has extensive experience in using all kinds of sensors in game development and interactive projects - 3D motion, rpm, heartbeat, VR controllers, robots, and others.

One of our most successful projects involving sensors is the CloudBiking #inAbuDhabi game for Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority. The game ran worldwide for more than two years. 

Sensors for an Intuitive Virtual World  

As gaming is turning into a regular part of people's everyday lives, the challenge to offer a high-quality virtual experience becomes more difficult. That’s why motion-sensing technologies can create a premium gaming experience. Games designed on various themes such as soccer, dancing, car driving, tennis, and others, employ motion detection to intensify the thrill of gaming. 
From virtual reality apps to other new games - sensors provide gamers with a world of possibilities for simpler, more interactive user interfaces.

Expert Configuration for 3D Motion Sensors 

As one of the best game development companies, Pixelhunters has extensive expertise in 3D motion tracking. The technology enables seamless interaction between the real and the digital world in consumer media and interactive projects such as 3D games, animation, motion analysis, and virtual reality applications. 

Deployment of Top-Notch Sensors for Complex Projects

Pixelhunters have the expertise to develop sensors with enhanced system accuracy, smooth handling, and installation. 

Why Sensor Technology?

There are various types of sensors that are categorized according to their applications. Incorporating sensors in various projects serve different purposes while creating distinct experiences for the user. Here is a vast range of applications in which high-end sensors can enhance the overall experience of the end-user.

Embedding sensors in gaming consoles improve the intuitiveness of the interface, human interaction and provides a much more immersive game experience.
With the power of high-functioning motion sensors, we can estimate movement and direction in space, and translate movement into a virtual environment.
Innovative ideas executed in immersive reality excite audiences and provide them a better medium in terms of VR games, apps, and tourism.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Providing sensors like accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes for integration in different interactive applications.
  • Incorporating innovative and most advanced sensor technologies to cater to all kinds of projects  
  • Professional and efficient assistance with software and hardware development

If you want a high-end sensor integration, get in touch with Pixelhunters now!

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