Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality - The Absolute Immersion Worth Considering

Pixelhunters provides VR/AR/MR content development - interactive or video-based (CGI or filmed).

Virtual Reality

If you have a project that needs your users to experience everything in a virtual & immersive way, by competely plunging into the content without connection to the real world - then the Virtual Reality might be your best choice. The Virtual Reality is also best for projects that do not exist in reality and is perfect for training & simulations related to high risk if the training is executed in real world conditions. 

At Pixelhunters, we keep a simple promise to our audience - turning Imagination into reality. We specialize in the development of immersive content for all of the famous headset available on the market today - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Lenovo, and others. We have created more than 6.5 hours of VR gamified interactive applications for various governmental and private Institutions. 

Augmented Reality

If you want still to be in the real world but "augment" some elements of it or just visualize some imaginary images, characters or objects, mixed with your surrounding, then the augmented reality can be the right option for you. Pixelhunters have developed multiple augmented reality solutions, inclusive of one platform based on multiplayer learning which is AR-enabled. 

Pixelhunters can help to create experiences that will elevate your brand and customers into new worlds of adventure. Nothing is impossible!

Innovative Solutions 

From a fantasy vision to a powerful marketing tool — Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed realities are the new tech revolution of this era. Pixelhunters is supporting progressive organizations to integrate mixed, augmented, and virtual realities into their projects to propel growth and efficiency in their education programs and brand marketing plans.

High-End App Development

Pixelhunters is an all-round expert in the AR/VR/MR app development domain. From prototyping to final software development, we provide complete technical assistance to turn your imagination into real-life dreams that you can actually live.

Dynamic Content Creation 

No matter what you have in mind for your next VR/AR/MR project, Pixelhunters can get it done in style. From interactive video games to engaging online courses, Pixelhunters will create compelling content, leaving your audience awestruck. 

Providing Suitable Technology Solution  

Pixelhunters collaborates with tech giants to facilitate you with the most suitable tech solution for your mix, augmented, and virtual reality devices. With extensive experience to configure in Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and LEAP Motion Controller, we diversify your options. 


When entering into the realm of immersive reality, remember that nothing is impossible. Here is a vast range of applications in which you can incorporate AR/VR/MR technologies.

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality

Both technologies have their benefits and limitations. To choose the right solution for you, just think about the following: 

- If you want the scalability of your application, then the augmented reality might be a better option. 

- If you want more immersion, especially with non-existing environments and situations, then the virtual reality has what to offer. 


Utilize the latest AR/VR/MR technologies to create unforgettable experiences. 
Through VR/AR/MR, industries are utilizing a digital host that acts as a concierge to your end-users for an extremely premium experience.
Innovative ideas executed in immersive reality excite audiences and provide them a better medium in terms of VR games, apps, and tourism.
A perfect medium for providing quality education, training, and development to special kids with a reality illusion they can understand better.
Create engaging scenes that train students and employees by simulating interactive real-world scenarios with VR/AR/MR technology.
If you are an agency that is looking for VR or AR developers and getting our visual or programming team to work seamlesly with yours, we are the right partner for you. 

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Early-Bird Access to advanced AR/VR/MR technology solutions
  • Original and Innovative ideas for content creation
  • Supporting innovative start-up with high-profile experimentation in AR/VR/MR
  • Professional and efficient assistance with software and electronics prototyping
Empower your next AR/VR/MR project with Pixelhunters. Get in touch now!

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