Bulgarian AR Folklore

Bulgarian AR Folklore is an Augmented Reality (AR) folklore dances application with a total of 25 dances from 6 different areas of Bulgaria.
Besides the real dances, the application is trying to increase the user’s knowledge about the Bulgarian folklore. Every running of the application contains 10 different questions related to the dance the performer is executing.

Download the application from GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixelhunters.bulgarianar&hl=en_US

How it works:

After starting the application, the user needs to “scan” the area where he would like to place the virtual dancer. A visible green surface means that you can click to place a dancer in that position. There will be a random question during each dance performance. Each dance will keep on playing unless the user presses the NEXT button to go to another dance.

Following are the key features of this game:

- 10 random dances will appear out of total 25 dances from 6 different areas of Bulgaria
- Can place the dancing object on any empty surface/area
- Increase or decrease the scale of the dancing object according to the used surface
- Random quiz questions with multiple answers choice to challenge your information
- Bulgarian map with all the folklore areas of Bulgaria, more information about each area, and its popular dances.
- Certificate of knowledge after the 10 questions/dances.

Bulgarian AR Folklore reveals the amazingly rich Bulgarian culture. This application increases the users’ knowledge not only about the folklore dances steps but also to which area each dance belongs, different particularities of the dance, and its area.

Special thanks to all Bulgarian dancers who contributed to this application:
Stoyan Stoyanov StoRn
Viktoria Zaharieva
Yulia Misirdzhieva
Nadiya Dimitrova
Veselin Galov
Mariela Kircheva