Exhibition Management

Premium Exhibition Management Services for Your Business 

Whether you need visualization of your stand design concept or a complete turnkey solution for your exhibition – Pixelhunters can support you.

With years of international experience and a global network of preferred vendors, our team members help you make your trade show participation a success, wherever it is within the UAE or internationally. We can also help with strategies and solutions to bring more traffic to your stand and bond your audience with your brand.

Over a Decade Worth of Experience in Exhibition Consultancy 

The exhibition related marketing strategies are led by our company CEO, Dr.Ani Atanasova, who has more than 15 years of experience in exhibition consultancy and project management worldwide. 

Hers and the Pixelhunters portfolio of clientele include Allen Vanguard (Canada, UK), Arsenal (Bulgaria), Avjet Routing (UAE), Boeing (USA), Jordanian Private Jets (Jordan), MKU (India), Pakistan Ordnance Factories (Pakistan), Sunreef Yachts (Poland), Oshkosh Truck Corporation (USA), Trinity Yachts (USA), Uflex (Italy), and many others.

Exquisite Arrangements with Budget and Resources Optimization 

Exhibiting is neither an easy nor low budget undertaking. Unlike other marketing approaches, there is no easy or cheap way to try it out. When you decide to exhibit, you make a significant commitment of time and financial resources. Profit from our expertise to save your valuable time, optimize your expenses, and make your trade show the most profitable lead generation source for your company.

Exhibiting Innovation and Efficiency  

Pixelhunters creates opportunities for your business to grow by providing innovative marketing solutions. We collaborate with brands to organize profitable exhibitions that help them signify their market presence, brand awareness, and competitive advantage. 

Areas of Expertise

When organizing an exhibition, there are a lot of elements to take care of. Pixelhunters offers an extensive range of management, consultancy, and marketing services in this regard.

Targeted planning is essential for arranging a phenomenal exhibition. From hospitality functions to logistics, we plan every phase of your event with the utmost care.  
Whether your event is in UAE or you are planning something internationally, Pixelhunters is capable of providing the best vendors for rentals, electrical, storage, cleaning, etc. 
Elevate your marketing approach to maximize the impact of your event. Pixelhunters brings you innovative ideas with unique media designs featuring+ different concepts and mediums. 
We understand how crucial it is to generate a good number of leads through your event. That is why Pixelhunters provide its expertise in marketing tactics to derive more and more people to your event.
Being a reputable digital agency in Dubai, Pixelhunters has incredibly talented designers to create impressive designs for your brochures, manuals, or banners for the event.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Consistent design, concept and s,ite plan briefings for client’s approval 
  • Offers feasibility, efficiency, and resource optimization 
  • Alliance with event industry talent specialists and experienced vendors
  • Effective consultancy services for event operations and marketing plan 
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