Educational & Training Solutions

The Most Effective Educational and Training Solutions

Does your team struggle with complex, dry material that is difficult to understand and present? Do you find it difficult to engage and hold the attention of your audience?

Pixelhunters is here to quantify the knowledge of your team without imposing boring tests or making your members uncomfortable. We turn typical educational material or a boring training session into sort of entertainment. With us, you can play a game, have fun and at the same time can measure all the performance parameters. 

Combining team building with effective learning

We combine team building with efficient learning for a fruitful outcome. Pixelhunters team management has spent years in education and game development and we understand the human psychology, motivation and changing behavior mechanisms that can be implemented in game based or gamified solutions. 

We have multiple success stories of such knowledge applications, created for and already implemented by recognized local and federal UAE authorities.

Cutting-edge Educational Platforms and Solutions

Through proper knowledge and information, you can boost the productivity of your business. At Pixelhunters, we constantly look for ideas to make innovative and advanced educational platforms and solutions accessible and profitable. Through in-depth learning and studying the most optimum uses of different technologies, we strive to enhance communication. 

Through our world class educational and knowledge solutions, we are committed to transfer information and knowledge through our Training & Education initiatives. We have an extensive history of developing educational Platforms (LMS), simulators, classroom-mode multiplayer solutions for you. Catering to all your requirements, we successfully develop the most innovative educational and training solutions.

In addition to this, Pixelhunters can develop educational & testing gamified applications as well for physics and cyber security that are available upon request. 

Educational and Training Solutions 

We make complex operations easy and understandable. No more struggling with complicated material to engage your audience.
Pixelhunters is here to accurately estimate your team’s knowledge without any boring tests, making your team super comfortable
Combining team building with efficient learning, we ensure effective outcome with professional education and knowledge solutions.
Why Choose Pixelhunters?
  • One-stop-shop for all your training and educational solutions
  • Develop advanced educational platforms, simulators, classroom multiplayer solutions
  • Understanding the human psychology and changing behavior mechanisms for the implementation in gamified solutions
  • Developing educational and testing gamified and cyber security applications as per the client’s requirements
  • Engaging and holding the attention of your audience by making it more fun
Pixelhunters provides top-notch educational and knowledge solutions for enhanced results. Get in touch with us now!

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