Multiplayer Team Training / Multiplayer Classroom

Fun Learning is Serious Business! 

Fun Educational Learning Platform for the new generation of students and employees. 

At Pixelhunters, we have developed our own unique multi-language game-based platform for Multiplayer Team Training. Suitable for kids and adults for collaborative learning.

The Platform supports any kind of quiz learning content, inclusive of video and audio content. We do not offer some quiz games or traditional educational games, we look at the training and gaming from a brand new perspective - the one of the multiplayer where high engagement and competition are in the foundation, but the winning strategy is implemented into the knowledge delivery. 

The content can be supplied by the Client or can be developed by us. 

100 % Engagement, 100% Results, 100% Learning Outcome. 

90% Higher Retention of the Information.

Learning games that can transform your office or classroom to embrace the new future!


Variety: 2 products: for Learning or Event environment (real classroom mode - AR-enabled) & Modules for Distance Learning (virtual classrooms)

Number of Users: 100+ per day for real classroom mode; unlimited sessions per day for virtual classrooms

There are 3 Games Multiplayer Modules for the Real Classroom Solution: 
- AR Run 
- Team Quest
- Card Heist 

Besides the Gamified Modules, there is an RFID educational show for event warming up. 

10+ Games Multiplayer Modules are available for the Virtual Classroom.

Content: Customizable Containing:

- Learning Material
- Branding 
- Look & Feel

Localization: Choices of languages

Reporting Functionality:
- Learning Progress Reports
- Team Performance Reports
- Individual Performance Reports Team 

Devices: Tablets or Phones, Desktop

Audience: The gamified modules are suitable for kids and adult audiences.

We can license our platform with plugging very fast your content into it or we can custom develop your propriety of a Multiplayer Team Training Solution.  

Ready solutions based on our Multiplayer Team Training Platform:

Pricing options for customized solutions:

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