Multiplayer Team Training

Fun Learning is Serious Business!

At Pixelhunters, we have developed our own unique multi-language platform for Multiplayer Team Training. Suitable for kids and adults. 


Variety: 2 products: for Learning or Event environment (real classroom mode - AR-enabled) & Modules for Distant Learning (virtual classrooms)

Number of Users: 100+ per day for real classroom mode; unlimited sessions per day for virtual classrooms

There are 3 Gamified Multiplayer Modules for the Real Classroom Solution: 
- AR Run 
- Team Quest
- Card Heist 

Besides the Gamified Modules, there is an RFID educational show for event warming up. 

2 Modules are available for the Virtual Classroom:
- Team Quest
- Ludo Race

Content: Customizable Containing:
- Learning Material
- Branding 
- Look & Feel

Localization: Choices of languages

Reporting Functionality:
- Learning Progress Reports
- Team Performance Reports
- Individual Performance Reports Team 

Devices: Tablets or Phones 

Audience: The gamified modules are suitable for kids and adult audiences.

We can license our platform with modifying it to fit your content or we can custom develop your propriety of a Multiplayer Team Training Solution.  

Ready solutions based on our Multiplayer Team Training Platform: 
- Cybersecurity awareness
- Coronavirus awareness

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