Gamification in Learning and Business

Create Interactive & Engaging Learning Environments with Gamification

Even if you are not particularly a fan of games but have noticed the increasing use of gaming in the fields of decision making, training, and its effect on human behavior, you may want to try "Gamification". Drive motivation, clarify your goals, boost learning, and provide data-driven feedback. With our unparalleled gamification services, inspire a more proficient, focused, efficient, and engaged workforce with a positive impact on your business.

Turning Boring Subjects into Interesting Processes  

If you seek to create and implement a strategy to increase customer or team engagement with practical and measurable results, contact us at Pixelhunters. We can turn even boring subjects into exciting exercises and processes with practical and profitable results for you with the help of gamified training and education.

Pioneers of Gamification in Education

The Gamification process is the concept of applying game design techniques and mechanics to motivate and engage people. With a decade of experience in the field, we help people achieve their goals. Our Gamification strategies can be used to enhance motivation, employee engagement, performance, collaboration, learning, and development.

Why Gamification?

At Pixelhunters, we create memorable gamification solutions to enhance your business’s learning or engagement journey that is specific to your industry. It is a lot more than a game. It’s about an innovative idea and concept that we apply to content to meet your specific learning needs.

Medical Gamification

Medical gamification is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by introducing an exciting and engaging way of improving patient health. Using gamification, healthcare apps can help reinforce medication adherence, promote daily data recording, provide medical education and communicate with physicians, all with the goal of helping users reach their health and fitness goals. With medical gamification, healthcare is no longer boring and tedious, but instead is an enjoyable, interactive journey to better health!

Pixelhunters will help you select the right technology for your goals, targeting behavior change and users' motivation.

At Pixelhunters, our professional team will help you achieve your business objectives. Combining extensive experience and innovative technologies, we motivate partners, employees, and clients to take action.
Using our proficiency in a variety of disciplines across a number of deployments, our expert team knows how to implement effective gamification approaches. We work effectively for your business.
Our tailored solutions are developed to meet your business aims exclusively. Focusing on the intended outcomes, we develop Gamification solutions that are exciting and are able to hold the attention of the participants.


Gamification for any Platform and Format

We have an extensive portfolio in all mediums of implementation of gamification - Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), mobile phone deployments, multiplayer solutions. 

Multiplayer Team Training / Multiplayer Classroom Platform of Pixelhunters

Pixelhunters developed its own Platform, multiplayer game-based, customizable, and multi-language, which allows fast testing & training of teams in a fun and enjoyable way. The Platform is available for white-label use or on a licensing principle. 

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Can track individual performances in real-time
  • Monitor your objectives and learn the ways to reach them
  • Join activities and challenges to enhance performance and do well on the gamification platform.
  • Get instant training and feedback. Learn and Engage with colleagues.
  • Can access personalized training content wherever and whenever needed
  • Encourage the behaviors and activities that drive results.

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