Multiplayer Team Training Platform

Multiplayer Team Training Platform - Welcome to the era of the group motivation!

Pixelhunters has developed a multi-language platform based on multiplayer games, customizable to fit your quiz content + images + videos to secure fun and measured learning outcome.

Where to use?

Multiplayer Team Trainings – Valuable knowledge Delivery with More Engagement

Now your events and training won’t sound boring. Bring out your employees’ skills through fun team-building activities and make them feel more energetic and motivated even at their workplace. Come up with fun brainstorming activities or collaborative training themes and get your team connected through multiplayer settings. 

Multiplayer Team Training platform supports all types of learning dynamics and training environments and the outcome is always beneficial for your company. Through the communication mode in the Multiplayer games, you can interact with your team and boost their mood. 

Multiplayer Team Training Classrooms - Make Learning Fun

Trying hard to get your students to keep engaged during virtual classes? Looking for a solution to combine learning with playful activities to ensure 100% participation of your students? Multiplayer Team Training Platform is your one-stop solution to make distance learning and collaborative training more interesting and captivating. 

Either train your students with real-time AR multiplayer games or conduct virtual team competitions. Through the Multiplayer Team Training platform, you can access all the fun-learning games and training content to vitalize team-building traits among your students. 

Multiplayer Team Training games can either be played within a team or multiple teams virtually to turn the competition mode on. Fun team games and activities have been proven to boost the learning and overall engagement of the participants during the classroom sessions.

Multiplayer Team Training for Events - Plan, Engage, and Connect

Multiplayer Team Training platform is an inclusive platform to bring more value to your virtual events. Reshape your events with more audience engagement, more activities, and more subscriptions. 

Pre-event gaming sessions bring more leads and traffic to your website or event. You can understand your attendees’ interests and keep them excited and engaged during the event with gaming activities and experiences. Even after the event, you can keep connected with the participants through feedback and subscriptions to the next event.  


Why Choose Pixelhunters Multiplayer Team Training?

  • Provide assessment and practicing of content with no stress
  • Fun way of knowledge delivery
  • Repetition is the key of memory & learning - with our platform you can repeat content multiple times without being boring
  • Suitable for large amount of content & curriculums 
  • Individual, team reports, group leaderboars - the outcome is measured all the way through. 

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