Education & Training

Education & Training are essential for us if we are to catch up with the novelties and beat the automation of processes and the coming AI-based work environment. Beating the competition means being able to learn fast and efficiently.
Game-based education is proved to be 10 times more effective than any other type of learning.

Pixelhunters has extensive knowledge of delivering education solutions that are fun, wow-quality and mostly measurable – we can track performance of the process and the users. 
We have created multiple educational and training solutions developed and implemented for governments and corporates in the UAE – in the fields of career development; experiencing the future professions; multiple driving experiences; training solutions for the aerospace and cyber security industries; as well as different awareness campaigns in various fields. 

Pixelhunters offers full turnkey educational platforms (LMS), simulators, and event based educational solutions. 
We are so passionate about education and training that we have developed our own educational & testing gamified applications for teaching physics and helping people to understand cyber security.