Education & Training

Education today is ever more essential to understand and stay abreast of constant and rapid change and innovation while learning to take advantage of increasingly automated processes in an AI-based work environment.  

In order to successfully compete in this environment a team must be able to learn quickly and efficiently. Pixelhunters has pioneered in game-based education that has been proven to be ten times more effective than any other type of learning. Our team at Pixelhunters understands the human psychology, motivation, and behavior changing mechanisms that can be implemented in game-based (gamified) solutions. We have extensive experience in delivering full educational platforms (LMS), simulators, and classroom-mode multiplayer solutions for game-based education that are not only fun and of “wow-quality” but also enable performance tracking of both the process and the users, allowing updates and modifications in stream.  

Over the past ten years the Pixelhunters team has worked closely with the local and federal governments and corporations in the UAE to develop, produce, and implement an extensive portfolio of applied solutions.  Our solutions have been applied to advance training in career development, explore and develop future professional paths, drivers education in civil and professional applications, and primary and advanced training in the fields of aerospace, defence, physics and cyber security.