Life is about HOPES. Who are the ARABIAN HEROES?

As people, we need hopes in our life. “Hope” is a simple, deep and significant word with a sincere definition that can excite anyone. It is an expression of a desire to manifest something outside of human experience. In fact, we are born to have hopes in life because we are naturally dreamers and goal-seekers. We continue to hope whether we are at the peak of success or during rough times in life. Although there are obstacles and challenges – humans are fighters who must never lose hopes.

Hopes are important because they decrease our internal fears and make us happier. Looking deeply in the history and evolution of the world, there are often conflicts because of power and wealth, territory, resources and political freedom. Hence, there are ways to prevent and bring an end to such conflicts as long as we, the people, extend hands to each other, respect our differences in culture and continue to hope that our world will succeed the global issues and stop the conflicts for supremacy. To contribute peace and security in the world, every one of us should be strong, determined and positive that the world will always achieve love and peace.

Pixelhunters ( is known as ambassador of happiness and positive mind. As a continuation of our series of positive projects, our team is happy to launch a new creation of video game called “Arabian Heroes”. The setting of the game is in the beautiful Arabic desert which consists of 4 family characters. Their peaceful life changes when an evil sorcerer releases his army of corrupted crows to invade the world. The Arabian Heroes family mission is to “purify” the crows by shooting them with their magical jelly made from dates.

In their fight they receive the help of the white crows who bring them counts that can be used to upgrade the characters with accessories and make them stronger. The Arabian Heroes family travel different parts of the world which is about to be destroyed. Hence, they need more people to join their battle and support them.

The family characters of this game are named: Ahmed, Maryam, Amir and Lulu.

Ahmed – In Arabic the name means “highly praised”, or someone who thanks GOD. He is the head of the family.
Maryam – this is a very popular name almost everywhere in the world. She is an icon of sincerity and is the mother character in Arabian Heroes
Amir – pertains to a “commander” or “prince” which characterized by the son
Lulu – means pearl which is characterized by the daughter. The pearls in Middle East had a big importance in the past as a source of livelihood, trade and were also representing wealth and prosperity.

Through this game, our team wants to deliver a message how important is to have hopes in our lives. Arabian Heroes game was created to entertain not only the gamers but the people of all ages across the world. Working hand in hand, helping, loving and respecting each other will be the road to have unity and peace in the world.

Pixelhunters team is happy to share the Arabian Heroes game which can be downloaded for free in IOS and Android. Join the adventure of Ahmed, Maryam, Amir and Lulu as they explore and save the world as ARABIAN HEROES!

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