The Pixelhunters team is a multi-faceted dynamic of highly talented artists and programmers drawing inspiration from their multi-cultural experience and background. We have a global outlook that produces solutions for a global market. Our work embodies new and different ideas and ideologies that befit this new century and its technology. Our creative team produces highly-effective solutions by taking advantage of the skills of a carefully selected mix of accomplished artists, game designers, programmers, each with a unique profile and contribution. All our artists are recognized and published talents in all areas of visual effects production including environment design, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering and compositing. All our prpgrammers have years of experience in Unity and Unreal real-time engines, mastering multiple coding languages.

Pixelhunters knows that successful artwork and business rely on great employees. People are our most valuable asset and we strive to give them wings to fly through the infinite space of the CG art and the programming field. We encourage our team members to continuously develop their skills and we help them to realize their artistic visions. Our search for great talent has been successful because we respect and draw on the richness of diversity that different nationalities, cultures and ideas brings us.