About us

Pixelhunters commits to exceeding customer expectations by binding future technology to the visual imagination and knowledge of our accomplished artists. Through collaboration, integrity, passion and commitment to quality we foster an environment of creative power for the benefit of our clients and partners, with the ambition of making Pixelhunters a signature of excellence. 

Pixelhunters, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is a company dedicated to the creative sciences, harnessing new technologies to enhance communication, education and entertainment. We have built a team of experts and visual artists with a carefully constructed set of inter-connected skills that ensures a single-source, centralized production capability guaranteeing quality control, tightly managed scheduling, cost-effectiveness and speed of production.

Pixelhunters was created in 2009 by Dr. Ani Atanasova and Eng. Iliya Atanasov with focus on visual effects and game design.  Understanding the breath-taking advances in digital technology the founders have expanded their production capability to take advantage of the new knowledge and information economies, winning multiple awards and servicing with pride a large group of respected clients.