Motion Capture

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Motion Capture (MoCap) is the process of recording human movement using sensors. The data is used to animate digital character models in 3D computer animation. The technology is applicable in films, games, animated broadcast stories, ads, serious gaming, and virtual environments and to get realistic human movement.  

Set Your Digital World in Motion and why using Motion Capture?

MoCap can provide significant time-saving solutions in animation projects. It can simplify the process, especially when trying to recreate character animation that is complex, or realistic - such as the interaction of several 3D characters, or characters participating in everyday activities. Even simple animation, such as a character walking, for example, is much easier and more realistic when captured as compared to the one created by an artist.

MoCap also captures the nuance of the human form. For e.g., if you record a female actor and apply the movement data to a male 3D character, it would be instantly visible. 

Utilizing Latest Technology for Inertial Motion Capture 

Being one of the best animation studios in Dubai, Pixelhunters is always innovating with the latest technology and works with the most modern ‘Inertial Motion Capture System’ developed by Xsens. You can see this technology used in films such as, 'X-MEN', 'TED' and 'JOHN CARTER'. We can bring your project to life with the same level of sophistication, creating your virtual characters in no time. The technique can also be used to add spectacular effect at events with real-time animation for an unparalleled 'WOW' factor!

Innovative Motion Capture Systems 

Motion capture is a vast field, involving versatile applications. Pixelhunters can cater to every motion capture project, from apprehending arm gestures to toe motion and even full-body kinematics.

Motion Capture Application

We provide motion capture solutions that are exceptional in quality. Our motion capture assistance includes production-ready data, useful to create flawless animation.
Motion capture in films involves capturing subtle expressions and body moments, by making actors wear specialised suits and enhancing virtual projection with digital animation.
Motion Capture is used in the advertising industry to create compelling and attention-grabbing ads, involving high-quality visuals through motion graphics and motion capture.
Pixelhunters is a prominent name for game development in Dubai, as it incorporates advanced motion capture technology with a high level of precision that improves the graphical quality of the game.
Movements recorded through motion capture software are often utilized as quantitative measures. For example, the kinetic data from force plates provide a better knowledge of athlete movements.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Providing complete motion capture facilities to 3d visualization companies 
  • High-end motion capture technology to enhance film production in Dubai 
  • Offering diversified solutions for various motion capture challenges
Pixelhunters provides incredible motion sensor assistance for Flawless results on Screen. Share your Project Details Now!

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