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Mission and Vision

  • Focus on satisfying the needs of our customers by delivering unique and highly effective solutions produced through the skills of a carefully selected team of accomplished artists, each with a unique profile and contribution.
  • Consistently deliver the highest quality visual effects and 3D artwork
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations through personal commitment to outstanding service and follow-up
  • Provide an environment that enables our team to flourish and realize its artistic vision
  • Embrace and draw on the richness of diversity that different nationalities, cultures and ideas bring to our team

  • Deliver exceptional visual communication and service that increases our clients’ value
  • Deliver extraordinary visual content and communication that sets Pixelhunters apart from the rest and enhances our value to the customer
  • Establish the Pixelhunters’ signature as a benchmark and standard in the world of global visual communications

Core values


  • Collaboration: Teaming with you, our customer, to most effectively communicate your ideas through our art
  • Integrity: Uncompromising honesty and openness in all we do
  • Passion: Fully focused, dedicated, and enthusiastic in our work ethic and creative art
  • Quality: Uncompromising original work uniquely tailored to enhance our customers’ value




  • Committed to our customers’ success
  • Committed to provide a uniquely tailored approach to every project
  • Committed to foster teamwork in a creation-friendly and inspirational work environment