VFX (Visual Effects for Animations, Films & TV)

Enthralling Visuals through Quality VFX

Pixelhunters provides visual effects and 3D computer animation solutions for films, broadcast television, medical & architectural visualizations, as well as game trailers, corporate videos. Let us help you with CG characters, environments, and background replacements, optical or magic effects. Whatever your project might need - we're here to help you.

High-Scale Visual Effects Solutions 

Pixelhunters has the technical and creative resources to create impressive on-screen illusions. Our experts are capable of handling VFX projects of high-level complexity and scale.

Exceptional Creative and Technical Support

Being a prominent visual effects company in Dubai, Pixelhunters offer dedicated services to overcome technical and creative challenges in the field of VFX. From story and budget to filming requirements for a VFX scene and on set supervision, we bring fully optimized CGI solutions. 

Compelling Compositing 

Pixelhunters has a well-established compositing department mastering the art of rotoscoping, green screen and object removal, smooth integration and other movie magic tricks. 

Catering Versatile Mediums  

What makes Pixelhunters standout among other visual effects companies is our versatility to cater to diverse elements such as products, packshots, CG characters, buildings, environments, various props, realistic and cartoon style. 

Dynamic VFX Services

Pixelhunters provide a dynamic range of VFX services including modeling, texturing, lighting, 2D & 3D rendering, 2D / 3D animation, character animation, liquid and cloth simulation, compositing, and much more.

Perfection in CGI and VFX requires accurate shots taken with the right technique. Pixelhunters provide on-site supervision to make sure everything goes smooth for post-production.
Matte Paining - visual effects are all about giving a realistic feel or giving them a particular style for the outcome. Therefore, from modeling to final look development, Pixelhunters can handle it all. 
A particle system is a tactic in VFX that simulates a large number of tiny sprites to create a certain kind of "fuzzy" reaction. The look is tough to reproduce with traditional rendering techniques.
Pixelhunters has an animation department that gives us the liberty to cover character animation in cartoon or realistic style. Pixelhunters has also in-house facial and body motion capture facilities.
Along with excellent rendering and lighting techniques, Pixelhunters specializes in high-end simulations for particles such as liquids, dynamics, and cloth.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Decade worth experience for providing VFX support to film production companies in Dubai 
  • Original and Innovative ideas to overcome complex visual effects challenges
  • Qualified team of VFX experts to deliver quality services.
  • Professional and efficient assistance on multiple VFX mediums and technologies

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