Pixelhunters stimulates studying.
Pixelhunters stimulates developing.
Pixelhunters stimulates growing.

If you are a young CG artist, game designer, programmer or a person who already has the skills and wants to learn more, gaining experience in an actual working environment - you are more than welcome to apply to join our family of talents. We will help to stimulate your development in the field of creation in which you are most comfortable by assigning you a senior colleague to guide you through the learning process. Ultimately, internship students who perform the best have the chance to continue their career as members of the team.

If you are interested in an internship in our company, please feel free to apply at

Testimonials from students:

"It's an honor that I have done my internship at Pixelhunters. It was a great journey from which I have learned a lot. Being part of the team and learning from professionals in the industry was a great opportunity. Pixelhunters taught me the workflow of a company and to become the professional I am today.”
Khalil Abdul Ghani, Pakistan
SAE Institute, Dubai

“Pixelhunters was a fantastic company to work with during my internship. The whole team was very experienced and really helped me out from work within the company to work at university. I learned a lot about working within a team and how deadlines are so important throughout the animation industry. Throughout my time at Pixehunters I felt very comfortable, the team really made an impact  on this. I got a lot out of this experience and I thank Pixelhunters for this opportunity.“
Tom Thessman, New Zeeland
SAE Institute