Film Production For Corporate Videos

Are you looking for a film production company with in-house equipment and crew? A company that can handle the entire process from pre-production, through production and post-production, all under one roof? Then Pixelhunters is your right choice. 13+ years on the market, with director and DOP with proven experience in the film production field. 

Film Production of High-Profile Corporate & Social Media Videos 

Do you want to impress your clients? Attract them with high impact and engaging filmed or animated corporate videos and presentations! Why not adding some stunning VFX to them as well?

Corporate / Business Presentations are the latest tools to help communicate and build a brand image for your product or business. A good corporate presentation is not just a series of beautiful imagery; it is a medium of presenting facts in an interesting manner to create a positive impact. The superb narration of a company's history, background, team, products/services, infrastructure, facilities, achievements, contact details, and other vital information will help your company to market its products and services in the most effective way.

Elevating the Art of Filming

Whether it’s an advertisement, tutorial, a company's social media video or any other content, Pixelhunters provides you with exceptional pre and post-production services along with on-site supervision.  

Comprehensive Pre-Production Planning 

The most critical process of a film is the pre-production part where the real homework is done. Pixelhunters empowers corporate video production in Dubai with a compelling concept and scriptwriting services for your promotional video. Our think tanks are vibrant minds that solidify your creative vision for incredible outcomes. 

Facilitating with Multiple Production Services 

Pre-production is not just about documentation. To make sure everything goes smoothly on shooting days, you fix deals for locations and other required resources. Pixelhunters caters to all your production planning and execution, taking complete responsibility for film permit organization and location scouting. 

Complete Command over Post-Production Elements. VFX creation.

From motion graphics animations, VFX (visual effects) to video editing, compositing, and color corrections, Pixelhunters is the one-stop solution for video production in Dubai, covering every element of post procedures to enhance the final result. 

The Scope for Filming 

No matter what visuals will always be more powerful than words. Filming makes your content even more engaging and impactful. 

The time for print marketing is gone. The film is the medium to promote your organization. Pixelhunters provides creative video production services for corporate films or social media videos to clients on time and on budget.
Advertising is the most suitable channel to deliver a message. With Pixelhunters, film thought provoking advertisements with quality visuals and amazing concepts that compel.
Innovative ideas executed in immersive reality excite audiences and provide them with a better medium in terms of VR games, apps and tourism for improved engagement.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Finest professionals with years of experience in the filming industry
  • Original and Innovative ideas for content creation
  • Extensive experience in pre-production, on-site support, and post-production.
  • Award-winning animators & VFX (visual effects) artists in-house
  • Creates social media videos that stick to the audience mind
  • Registered in Dubai Studio City to secure all filming permits 
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