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Full-cycle Game Development with Pixelhunters. Gamification.

Everybody loves video games! But how do you design a great game? Who can create the best game to achieve your objectives?
Video games are one of the most popular platforms for entertainment, but they can also be successfully used to deliver a brand message, educational content or training. They say there is a game for every player and Pixelhunters can help you develop a unique experience - focused on your target audience - from design to delivery. Pixelhunters will help you select the right technology for your needs, implement the game concepts and will measure its impact on your audience. 

Create Fascinating Games for Entertainment or for Business Needs

Whether you are an established game developer seeking for production partnership, or your company searches for games or gamification as an opportunity to grow your business, we can help you to build an outstanding product.  
Pixelhunters, being the oldest game development company in Dubai, has developed more than 6.5 hours of different interactive content for various projects. We offer a full turnkey games solution, all development, design, production, testing is done in-house.
We transform ideas into success stories. 

Gamification in Business

Gamification is the process of implementing game mechanics and dynamics into serious topics to increase engagement.
We help companies developing successful gamification solutions in their business and accelerate success. 

The technology we work with:

Virtual Reality 
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality
Projection mapping
Multi-touch experiences
Sensory experiences 
Motion capture

Art development for games

Pixelhunters has a progressive approach towards aesthetic enhancement of Game concepts & game design. In addition to that, we have experts for 3D character modeling, texturing, and animation catering: 
   -Any style: realistic, stylized, cartoon, etc. 
  - Any type: humans, monsters, robots, etc.
  - All types of rigging: bones, facial rigs, finger rigs, etc.
  - Next / past gen
  - High/low polygon
What we can also cater to is:
3D environmental modeling and texturing 
Short animation movies for games (Pre-rendered and in-game)
Complete storyboards
Visual Effects
Post Effects

Expertise in Game programming and testing

Here at Pixelhunters, our game developers utilize the latest technology and tools to create visually pleasing UI designs and responsive games that keeps the gamers hooked. Our skillful programmers develop styles, graphics, to create interactive games with innovative ideas covering all mediums including,
Console, Desktop, Online, mobile
Cross-platform technology
Rapid Prototyping
Augmented Reality
External sensors integration into gameplay
Full testing and QA

Pixelhunters Glorious Portfolio

Pixelhunters is developing games for clients as well as our IP titles. 
We have created various games and gamified solutions for TRA, RTA, Dubai Public Prosecutions, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Copyrights Live, OSN & Dubai Customs, and many others. 
Pixelhunters has created a number of its own IP games, for mobile and VR, such as Arabian Heroes (mobile & VR version), Swamp Invasion (VR), Bats & Butterflies (VR), Memory Elevator (mobile and for events - in competition mode), Arabian Heroes Book (mobile, inclusive of interactive story-telling and games, in English and Arabic) and others. All VR games are available for hire for events or recreational centers.

The Scope of Game Development

Pixelhunters specializes in game development and gamification not only for the entertainment sector but also for governments and large corporates - for marketing, education, training, awareness, and events promotions. 
Utilize the latest game development trends and innovative techniques to create promotional content for the corporate sector. 
Training and development through the interactive gaming medium is an innovative idea, especially in the field of special education and that’s what we deliver.
Brand promotion through gaming content is one of the most tried and tested approaches of marketing you can find at Pixelhunters.

Why Choose Pixelhunters?

  • Facilitating with high-quality development support 
  • Deploying the latest technology to develop interactive and highly engaging games
  • Professional and efficient assistance for all gaming mediums
  • Gamification in Education Experts
  • Gamification in Business - proven track of successful implementations
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