A short non-commercial movie by Pixelhunters. Became Vimeo Staff Picks and Finalist at the New York City International Film Festival. Cited more than 27000 times on google. More than 3 Million views on different Youtube channels where the video was featured. 

Life is a battle of choices and roads to be taken. We choose our own paths, we mark our own map. Once choices have been made, actions play out. Consequences are delivered. And in the end, we live with those consequences.

But, the real struggle is making the choice to change how we take the roads untaken.  Are we tough enough to decide for ourselves when the time comes?

Director: Iliya Atanasov
Idea: Eric MacInnes, Iliya Atanasov
Script: Mary Ann Chamen, Cameron MacInnes, Ani Atanasova, Benoit Neneb
Music: Vasco Ivanov

Iliya Atanasov
Siamak Roshani
Rajesh R S
Adeel Hashmi
Anton Gonzalez
Dragomir Sarachev
Dimo Takov
Helgi Oskarsson
Dimitar Dimitrov
Lora Stoykova

Dance for motion capture: Asen Sokolov

Voice over: Shane Morris

Special Thanks to Siamak Roshani for his robot model that he designed and textured for his personal portfolio in early 2010 and together we decided to create a beautiful piece with it. 

Special Thanks to Bisser Philipov 

Rendering software: V-ray

Given to us billions of years ago. 
Breathing, making choices, cultivating purpose.
we marvel at the reasons our core existence.

Predominance, obsession and what's only left is its lethal outcome around.
I was given life,
what have I done?

Memories occurred to me like a flood, 
ravishing into the deepest turmoil of my thoughts. 
I used to see myself as an aggressive bullet wandering - 
tearing down races,  razing enemies.
The recollection of my belligerence. Will it change?
Now all my senses could perceive is emptiness. 
couldn't have I stopped at the right moment, 
when few hearts were still beating?
Is there still something worth opening my eyes for?

Yet, here I am, facing again that demon inside me.
another battle to win
The monster in me respires with prudence. My inner self astounded. 
and then, for a heartbeat
I know what to do with it.

Year of production: 2014
First Release: 2014, UAE
Industry: SHORT FILM
Animation company: Pixelhunters
Producer: Pixelhunters

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