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Pixelhunters CEO Dr.Ani Atanasova - a keynote speaker at the International Design Conference on ‘Education, Teaching and Learning in 3D’

The College of Fine Arts & Design (CFAD) at the American University in the Emirates (AUE)  organized an International Design Conference on ‘Education, Teaching and Learning in 3D’ on October 28th, 2015. The event is considered the world’s first international research conference about incorporating 3D design concepts throughout art and design education. Scholars, learning technologists and practitioners from across the globe shared insights into teaching practice and student learning in an interdisciplinary and collaborative exchange of experience.


The main aim of the first AUE international design conference was to share knowledge about 3D technology and practice, to encourage research, debate, reflection and exchange ideas on the application of a truly 3D approach in art and design education, and to explore innovative models of teaching, learning and practice.
3D technology offers a wide array of possibilities that affect almost every walk of life particularly in the lifestyle, leisure and entertainment sectors. 3D technology demands new strategies in teaching and learning. It encourages the most experienced educators, researchers and professionals to come together to explore current trends in 3D design, education, and practice, and to re-imagine 3D programs as well as to train teaching professionals from all levels and curricular areas. When 3D approaches underpin classroom practice, these environments move beyond the traditional teaching and learning settings. The field is diverse and as such, encourages contributions from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines bringing together researchers and academics from a broad spectrum of education fields and professional practices. 


Pixelhunters CEO, Dr. Ani Atanasova was the keynote speaker at the official opening, delivering a talk about Virtual Reality, 3D simulations and gamification being the next generation of education. From basic physics law to latest Virtual Reality – is there a connection between them?


Dr. Ani Atanasova also delivered a workshop on the process of creation of an award winning piece – a motivational talk about 3D animation practices, approaches and steps for finding career opportunities.  


Eng. Iliya Atanasov, Studio Director and co-founder delivered a workshop about the making of RTA Dubai – Hazard Perception Test System.


Hazard Perception Test System is an advanced 3D simulation project to train and test new drivers on recognizing hazards while driving in different road and weather conditions. Since 1st of July 2015, the Hazard Perception Test System is part of the RTA theory and practice test for obtaining driving license in Dubai.


At the event, the students could also experience the VirtuDrive - an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality - an innovative way of training drivers and raising awareness towards hazards in driving and their perception. 


The event also became a gallery showcase of winning artworks of Middle East Talents Awards – the platform initiated by Pixelhunters and supported by V-ray/Chaos Group, 3D Artist Magazine, CG record and others – aiming to discover and support young talents in the digital art field.