TRA UAE - Virtual World Heroes

Pixelhunters developed a Virtual Reality Game, called Virtual World Heroes for the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). The project has been made for the Innovation week 2015 and has been showcased at Yas Mall 22-24 November and at Mirdiff City Centre 26-28 November 2015.

The game is dedicated to the young generation and is a gamified way of teaching about the different cybersecurity threats and goods. 

The game is made for Oculus Rift and gives a completely immersive 360 degrees of reality, plunging us completely in the cyber world. 

More than 2500 kids and adults experienced the game and successfully defeated the cyberspace of the UAE.  

Year of release: 2015
Country: UAE
Client: TRA UAE
Virtual Reality: Pixelhunters
Music: VST Production

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