UAE Aerial Love

Non-commercial collection of shots of UAE natural beauties, made by a hobbyist videographer.  
Shots have been captured and collected for more than a year. 

UAE is a unique country famous with its innovative and leadership spirit. 
Besides its incredible architecture and infrastructure, the country has natural resources that are stunning.

Hope you will enjoy this video.

Footage by: Iliya Atanasov
Post-production support: Pixelhunters
Motion graphics: Adeel Hashmi
Music composed by Stoyan Stoyanov Storn / VST Productions
Music performance: The Love (Mahabba it means Love) - Pasha Cazan feat. Nina Oud
The Music is featured in The Albums "Back to the souq" by Pasha Cazan and "ملح البحر (Sea Salt)" by Nina Oud
Special thanks to Royal Shaheen and Ahmed Al Awad & Gulf Alliance Media Enterprises

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